EREMIDIA - Archivist's Curse


Genre: JRPG

Platform: PC Windows (Steam)

Status: Released!

EREMIDIA - Archivist's Curse

Archivist's Curse brings you into an otherworldly harbor of knowledge: The Great Library, although unfortunately, you ended up in the dangerous section of the complex called Hall of Pawnsmoor.


To escape from the Hall, you have to take the test from The Chessmaster, Hall's current proprietor. Before you face The Chessmaster, you need to find companions who, fortunately, may come from Hall's own collection.


Enter the Library's murky Dark Alleys to find companions, items, and clues on Hall's history as well as its owner. Fight against numerous intruders from within the Library as well as from the outside realm, and ultimately, defeat The Chessmaster to obtain your freedom and escape from Hall of Pawnsmoor. 



The "Chessmaster of Pars Mythos" has invited you to play his game of chess--or that's what he wants you to believe. His game is not mere chess, however; you're required to find your own chess pieces, as he will also bring his own pieces.


In order to find your own pieces, you need to delve into the murky, once-forbidden Hall of Pawnsmoor. Luckily, you will be assisted by another unexpected guest--one of the Scribes who happens to have knowledge about what the Hall has to offer.


Know your pieces, learn about his game's rules, and best the Chessmaster in his own game, for it's the only way to release yourself from the Hall's succumbing imprisonment.