Fragmented Memories Arc One



Platform: PC Windows & MacOS (Steam)

Status: Released!



The developers describe the content like this:


This game contains themes/depictions of blood and death. Also contains several visual glitch effects. Not recommended for people who have epilepsy or are sensitive toward disturbing or bloody contents.

Fragmented Memories Arc One

James Charouz, a mine worker decided to return to his hometown, Mayoni Village. He found out that his wife is missing and tried to find her. Strangely, nobody knows about his wife. James suspected that the villagers sacrificed his wife in an occult ritual. He was assisted by a senior detective named Pieter Van Amersfoort in order to find her. 


During his search for his wife, James also finds himself trapped in an unknown world. James began to find mysterious things that made him question everything: his memories, his friends, even his sanity.



Explore the "Unknown world" and find your way to the exit, Solve the Puzzles inside the unknown world.



On the "Real World", Investigate and try to find a clue about your wife, Ask the villagers, explore the village and uncover the truth behind it.

Other Features