Transcendence Legacy - Voidswept

Developer: XURZERTH

Genre: JRPG

Platform: PC Windows (Steam)

Status: Released!

Transcendence Legacy - Voidswept

Transcendence Legacy - Voidswept is a fantasy 2D turn-based RPG set in a world ruined by a great catastrophe.


One year prior, a dark cloud of emptiness shrouded the land and gave birth to unknown malicious creatures. Faced with an unforeseen calamity, the civilization of humanity collapsed in an instant. Then, strange ruins began to appear throughout the land.


In the depths of a forest none dare set foot in, a young man awakens with no memory of his past…


Uncover the truth behind a world plagued by monstrosities. Traverse through mysterious ruins to search for the answer with dependable allies at your side.