Insurgence - Last Wishes


Genre: JRPG

Platform: PC Windows & MacOS (Steam)

Status: Under Development

Extra Notes 1

Playing previous entries in the Insurgence series is not mandatory to understand the story of Insurgence- Last Wishes, but it is highly recommended to do so if you want to be more familiar with the world and characters of the Insurgence series.

Insurgence - Last Wishes

About The Game

Insurgence- Last Wishes is set three years after Insurgence- Second Assault. Insurgence Last Wishes is a 2D Narrative Heavy JRPG game that follows Richa on her journey to fulfill her pledges and reach Elysium. Richa must navigate through a challenging world filled with obstacles and enemies, all while staying true to her promises. The game emphasizes a strong narrative experience, with rich characters and immersive storytelling. Players will join Richa on her quest, as she battles to keep her pledge and ultimately reach Elysium. With its blend of engaging gameplay, intricate plot, and memorable characters, Insurgence Last Wishes is a must-play for any fan of JRPGs.